Modern-wooden dining furniture for children

What goes through the imagination of our children when they are playing? This is one of the deepest, most philosophical questions that can be raised in contemporary society, and if you have the skills to answer such a demanding question, you must be a highly articulate and intuitive person! Some of the best people poised to answer that question are children’s authors, creating stories based on the lives of young ones and the adventures they might have. Even authors, however, cannot cater to the mind of every child and it is often a short time before children get bored and go and play with something else!

Have you ever watched children playing and been bamboozled by their attraction to a seemingly mundane and boring game? Why is it that many children prefer to play with the boxes of their birthday and Christmas presents, rather than the toys inside? There’s no doubt about it, kids have a fascinating imagination!

One game that thousands, probably millions of children love playing, involves food. Whether they are pretending to sell food through a shop that they have created, or pretending to ‘play mum’ by cooking pretend food for their friends, all children need suitable equipment with which to help them carry out their childhood fantasies. design and manufacture just that. We make furniture that helps children to play the role of the parent, and our range of dining room tables also gives them a place where they can eat their dinner away from the boring adult table. This also gives you, as parents or guardians, a separate space to enjoy your dinner without having to worry about having food thrown at you, or screaming tantrums to deal with! Not that that they should be placed somewhere in a separate location of course! Our range of children’s dining-room furniture is easily transported, enabling you to keep them in close proximity – to check that they are eating their meals as they should be!

Product details

All of our tables are made from Ash timber – a beautiful, yet natural-looking product that provides strength and durability. Even when they (inevitably) knock their table over, ash is pretty well resistant to splitting and so it would take a lot for them to damage their tables! Ash is useful because it can also be painted so, if you are an extremely liberal parent, you might even allow your children to take a paintbrush to the table, and create a unique design themselves! Perhaps this could be done with a group of friends, keeping them entertained for an afternoon or two.

We have a collection of table types, all with different themes as follows:

Animal range

Children love animals: visiting the zoo and keeping pets are two of their favourite pastimes. Our range of animal dining-room tables reflect their love of animals and allows them to feel like they are eating with some of their animalfriends without you having to worry about feeding and taming them separately. You could choose from our wild designs such as frogs, wildlife and ducks. Alternatively, our traditional zoo-like animals are also exceedingly popular – especially our lions and tigers. Furthermore, our range of sea-creatures provides them with images of all things fishy, giving them a holiday experience! Whichever you choose, we hope that it helps to keep them occupied as you attempt to feed them, and hope that your experiences do not reflect feeding time at the zoo…!!!

Food range

Children love certain types of food and what better way to get them to settle down and eat, than by attracting them to their favourite foods. Our range of designs include fast-food types such as hotdogs and burgers, in addition to sweets and deserts that are obviously attractive in other ways! If you are struggling to feed your child a specific fruit or vegetable, you might pretend that they are eating a more attractive food product such as something sweet or savoury. Having an image with which to support your attempts can be a massive help!

Plain tables

Some children prefer to keep everything as it should be and appreciate tidiness and cleanliness. This can be enormously helpful for you as a parent, whilst also providing a basis on which to give them an educational experience in food hygiene from a young age. Our plain tables provide a perfect means by which to help educate them. The Ash tables can be easily covered by a suitable tablecloth, keeping their dining room table spotless and hygienic. It is unlikely that they will want to spray products on the surface of the table to keep bacteria away, but you could always model this for them, explaining the benefits of doing so.

If your child is less concerned about hygiene and tidiness, the plain tables are the perfect ones on which they can paint to their hearts content. Unleash their creativity, and give them a paintbrush!